Universal Joints

Many people have heard of universal joints, or u-joints as they are often called. However, not a lot of people know what they are commonly used for. With that said, here is what universal joints are commonly used for. 

More information on universal joints

U-joints are often used in rear wheel vehicles. A rear wheel vehicle has a drive-shaft, and usually one end of the u-joint is connected to the shaft, right to the rear of the vehicle's transmission. The other end is connected to the rear axle.

The joints are also commonly used on front wheel drive cars too. The front axle of the vehicle usually has two joints, and they connect to the transmission output to the vehicles front wheels. 

Tractor trailer trucks are known for using the joints too. Generally speaking, all types of vehicles that have a shaft or transmission tend to have u-joints installed.

Not only are u-joints commonly used in vehicles, but they are used in a few socket wrench sets. When a wrench has a u-joint, then the user should have an easier time getting bolts from an odd angle. In other words, universal joints allow for wrenches to be more flexible, allowing you to get bolts at odd angles.

A lot of different farming equipment also uses u-joints. The joints are used in all kinds of farming and agriculture applications, such as large machinery to vehicles used for farming, such as tractors.

Also, sometimes these types of joints can become worn down. It is important to replace them when they are not functioning the way they should be functioning. This is because if something goes wrong with the u-joints, then there is the potential of the parts it is attached to failing or not functioning as it should.

Keep in mind those are just a few ways the joints are used. They are very common in vehicles, machines, the farming industry and so forth. As for where these joints can be purchased, there are many places. Some people choose to buy them online, while others go to their nearest automotive shop or hardware store, as they sometimes have u-joints for sale.

Many brands make and sell universal joints, and some may be better than others. If you need a u-joint, then make sure you buy it from a reputable company and make sure you get one that is made by a reputable brand. You want to make sure you buy a u-joint that will last for a long time.